Presentación del Proyecto AIDE en EMBC 2016


Presenting #aideproject at @EMBC16 @nBioUMH @UniversidadMH

Sesión Experimental en Campus BioMedico di Roma


Performing experimental sessions at @CampusBioMedico for @aideproject. Drinking task assisted by an arm exoskeleton.

Reunion entre LabLENI y ZEDGroup


#aideproject meeting between @LabLENI and @ZedGroup for the development of indoor location system in the project.

Reunion entre BJAdaptaciones y nBioUMH


#aideproject meeting between @bjadaptaciones and @nBioUMH

Presentacion del Proyecto AIDE en EUBIM2016


Video of #aideproject presentation at #EUBIM2016 on May 20th (See here)

Presentacion Proyecto AIDE en el ERF2016


#aideproject was presented at #ERF2016 in Ljubljana March 23th in the Healthcare Topic Group meeting @eu_Robotics

Primera revisión del Proyecto AIDE celebrado en Luxemburgo


Premeeting of #aideproject consortium yesterday in Luxembourg preparing 1st Review of the project   First review of #aideproject held yesterday in Luxembourg. Here, the prototype of a wearable and wireless system for biosignal processing from the #aideproject review meeting. Some of the adapted and used devices of the prototype are from @ShimmerSensing and @Neuroelectrics.

Reunión de Coordinación del Projecto AIDE en UPV con LabHuman y Lab LENI, 26 de Enero


Coordination meeting of #aideproject held in January 26th in @UPV with @labhuman and @LabLENI  

Reunión del consorcio en el Hospital Universitario de Tübingen, 22-25 de Enero


Presenting the experimental scenarios of AIDE Project in the consortium meeting. Successful meeting of AIDE Project held last week in University Hospital of Tübingen. Here all the partners of AIDE Project who attended the consortium meeting in Tübingen. Picture with the prototype of a wearable and wireless system for biosignal recording and processing of AIDE Project.    

Reunión Técnica del Projecto AIDE en Roma


On October 22th UNICAMPUS, SSSA, GLIC and INAIL had a technical meeting of the AIDE project in Rome. Main discussion points were the system architecture and the integration of robotic means on a motorized wheelchair.